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Once again, Dr Clark and the rest of the staff at Mint Dental & Orthodontics exceeded beyond my expectations! I brought in my five year old for a simple fluoride treatment because Dr. Dennis Clark suggested it to us during the last visit to help resist any cavities from forming in my child’s teeth. He is always so kind and gentle when working with my child and forms a friendly relationship with all of his patients. You can easily tell he loves his job and wants all of his patients to have beautiful smiles. Thank you once again Dr. Dennis Clark and Mint Dental & Orthodontics!
Teresa Foster Las Vegas

Doctor Clark is the most gentle, caring, and knowledgeable dentist my child and I have met! The office is all nice and clean making it very easy for my child and I to feel comfortable there. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an awesome pediatric dentist.
Sophia Newman Las Vegas
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Excellent as always! The staff was very friendly and helpful when it came time for checking out and setting up appointments. Our overall experience at Mint Dental & Orthodontics was fantastic and we will be coming back soon!
Angel Chavez Las Vegas

The Staff here was superb!!! I was very impressed with how friendly Dr. Dennis Clark and the staff were with the children at the office. My son usually hates a visit to the dentist until we went to Mint Dental & Orthodontics. Thanks you guys!
Marcia Robinson Las Vegas
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Dr. Dennis Clark and the rest of the staff at Mint Dental & Orthodontics were just brilliant! They helped my child and I understand the dental procedures beforehand so we knew what was going on. Dr. Dennis Clark helped us form up a dental plan for my 3 year old so her teeth can stay healthy and beautiful. I have been bringing my child to Dr. Dennis Clark for the past few years and he always is thorough and precise during his procedures. I also brought my child in for a dental emergency and he took care of the problem quickly and efficiently which was fantastic. Dr. Dennis Clark is the best pediatric dentist around and I would definitely recommend him to others!
Stella Rhodes Las Vegas

Dr. Dennis Clark is fantastic he helps you and your child out whenever you have any questions or concerns about procedures. My child now loves coming to visit Dr. Dennis Clark and his excellent staff. He is a great pediatric dentist that understands how to work with young patients. My child has not felt any pain during each dental procedure with Dr. Dennis Clark. Thank you!
Oliver Griffin Las Vegas
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