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Emergency Dentist Henderson

Most trips to the dentist are by appointment that was done early in advance. What happens when you need a dentist right away? That’s where Mint Dental’s emergency dentist Henderson shines. There are a number of different dental emergencies that may arise, but common problems that require immediate treatment include knocked out teeth, crowns that have fallen out, dental fillings that have fallen out, or chipped/fractured teeth.

Even if your dental problem was not listed above, but you believe you do have a dental emergency, then do not hesitate to set up an appointment with your Henderson family dentist as soon as possible. The worst decision you could make is to wait on an issue that may be time-sensitive. Worse problems could arise, resulting in costly procedures that could have been prevented. Many dental problems can be fixed promptly, either temporarily or permanently.

Always bring any tooth fragments, whole or partial, to your appointment because you could benefit from the salvaged tooth. If you cannot make it to the dentist in the same day, then try your best to avoid any foods that may poke the damaged site (i.e. hard foods) or foods that could cause any further damage (i.e. chewy foods).

Also, it is best that you rinse both any salvaged tooth fragments and your mouth out with warm water before you visit our emergency dentist Henderson. This makes sure everything in clean, free from unwanted bacteria or other nasty particles that do not belong in your mouth. When transporting a tooth or fragment of a tooth, then simply place it in a small container filled with whole milk.

For those who play sports, always make sure a mouth guard is present in order to prevent having teeth knocked out for any reason. It’s also good habit to stay away from clenching or grinding your teeth as this creates the possibility of fractured teeth or tooth loss in severe cases.

Panic is natural for most in a situation that we deem dire in our heads, but the best thing you can do when a dental emergency arises is to relax and take action as soon as possible by scheduling an appointment. Know that any dental situation can be fixed with the technology that is offered today. For any questions regarding our emergency dentistry services or any of our other family dentistry services, then please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 702-803-1825 or simply contact us online.

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★★★★★ In my opinion, Mint Dental & Orthodontics is one of the best Dentist Practices in Las Vegas. Dr. Dennis Clark and his staff are the best. They treat you like family and have a genuine interest in your wellbeing. I used to hate going to the dentist because of feeling like I was just another patient. All of which, went away when I scheduled my first appointment with Dr. Dennis Clark.
J. Alires


★★★★★ I came to Mint Dental & Orthodontics fleeing from my previous dentist, and it was the best decision. Dr. Dennis Clark was very professional and caring and listened to my concerns that were not taken into account at my previous doctor. The office was very clean and orderly and the staff was very friendly and knowledgeable and you can tell they take not only dental hygiene seriously but cleanliness in general as a big priority.
A. Monarrez


★★★★★ You all are amazing!! Thank you for making me comfortable and feeling good about going to the dentist again!! :)
L. Cornejo

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