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Henderson Inlays and Onlays

Since nearly 80% of the world’s population suffers from tooth decay, it is important to discover the ways to take care of your dental hygiene and cavities in order to keep your teeth healthy and prevent unnecessary problems. One of the ways that dentists can provide assistance with tooth decay or cavities is to set inlays or onlays. Inlays and onlays are the indirect restoration fitted to a cavity in the mouth.


Inlays are used when amalgam fillings or regular fillings would ultimately do further damage to the cavity or tooth. They are placed to fill a cavity, inside the bottom of the teeth. They may also be used to replace an existing filling. The substance used for an inlay can be:

  • Metal, such as gold, which was most commonly used but not used as much anymore. Other metals may be used.
  • Porcelain, which is used most often due to the similarity in color to the teeth.
  • Composites, powdered glass like materials, like acrylics.

Inlays are more concerned with their cosmetic appearance being a similar color of the tooth so they match well and look nice.


Onlays are similar to indirect restoration as inlays, but they cover the missing cusps of the tooth. They do not cover the tooth as a whole as they are intended for an outside portion of the tooth. Onlays are commonly used to treat the decay on the back teeth. They can cover the whole chewing part of the tooth. They are also sometimes used to replace old metal fillings. Onlays are also made of gold or porcelain. Inlays and onlays can also be placed by:

  • General dentists who can treat your tooth decay and place an inlay or an onlay for you.
  • Prosthodontists who can also place inlays or onlays. These are dentists that specialize in the restoration and replacement of teeth.
  • Pediatric dentists, who specialize in the treatment of children or adolescent’s teeth, are also qualified to treat tooth decay and place inlays or onlays.

Henderson inlays and onlays procedures will generally require two visits for the patient. On the first visit, an impression or temporary setting will be placed and made of the tooth. The second visit will be the permanent setting of the inlay or onlay on the tooth.

Some tooth decay may only require fillings, but inlays or onlays are important because they can assist in treating decay that is too deep for a regular filling or too severe. They may also be used to treat a cracked tooth that doesn’t necessarily require a crown or root canal.

The prices of an inlay or onlay vary, but most dental insurances cover costs associated with this procedure. Average pricing for an inlay can range from $700 to $800. Onlays may be anywhere from $800 to $920. The procedure price is dependent on the experience of the clinic, how many inlays or onlays you require, materials used for the fillings, etcetera. Be sure to contact your local dentist to find out exact estimates.

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