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Henderson Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a cap which is fitted over the visible portion of a tooth, oftentimes covering the entirety of the visible structure. They tend to be used when a tooth is cracked, has a large filling or is damaged by considerable tooth decay. The crown improves the appearance of the tooth and also restores its strength. The advantage of a crown over other methods is that they are strong and long lasting. This means that while they can prove more expensive than alternative treatments in the short-term, they are still the best option for many due to the long-term peace of mind they provide.

There are several reasons why a dentist might suggest fitting a crown or cap to the tooth:

  • Restoring a broken tooth
  • Support a filling where there is little tooth remaining
  • Protect a weak tooth
  • Hold together a cracked tooth
  • Hold a dental bridge in place
  • Cover discoloration
  • Add conventional shape to misshapen tooth
  • In place of a veneer for a person who repeatedly grinds their teeth ( which frequently dislodges veneers )

What Type of Dental Crown and Caps Are There?

Henderson Dental crowns and caps can be made from various different materials:

Stainless steel:

Used as a temporary crown while a permanent one is being created. Temporary crowns are necessary in order to chew specific foods and drinks without further damaging the tooth.


Gold alloy, palladium alloy, or base-metal alloys such as nickel or chromium. These are the most durable of the crowns in terms of wear-down but the metal colour makes them a last choice for many. They are good for molar teeth at the back of the mouth which cannot be seen easily.

Porcelain fused to metal:

These feature both the strength of a metal crown and the more attractive aesthetics of porcelain, which can be colour matched to the surrounding teeth.. Over time the porcelain may chip or break off but this can be repaired by a dentist.

Composite Resin:

All-resin crowns and caps are the cheapest option available, but they also wear down the most over time as they are not as strong as metal or porcelain crowns.


Ceramic crowns and caps resemble the tooth’s natural appearance the best, but are less strong than porcelain fused to metal types and therefore can wear down over time. For their aesthetics, these are often chosen for front teeth.

A dentist can help a person decide which type of crown is best for them, depending on factors such as longevity, price, position in their mouth, strength of their teeth and other circumstances.

How Are They Fitted?

Each crown has to be fitted to the unique shape of the tooth so a dental impression is made first of the patient's mouth. The crown is then made and fitted at a subsequent appointment. Crowns are often completed in two appointments.

How Long Do they last?

Henderson Dental crowns are some of the most long lasting dental treatments. Most dental surgeries state the average lifespan of a crown or cap as ten years. In fact, oftentimes a crown can last a lifetime – fifty years or more. Full gold crowns tend to last the longest. The biggest determining factor in how long a crown will last is the oral hygiene of the patient. A thorough oral hygiene regimen will help to prolong the life of a crown or cap.

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