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Henderson Dental Bridges

As the name itself suggests, a dental bridge is all about bridging gap between one or more missing teeth. A bridge consists of two crowns for the teeth on either side of the gap and a false tooth in between -- these two anchoring teeth are called abutment teeth.

False teeth are called pontics and they can be made of alloys, gold, porcelain, or a combination of these materials.

Categories of Dental Bridges


This category involves creating a crown for the tooth or implant on either side of the missing tooth with a pontic, or false tooth, in between.


This method is used when there are adjacent teeth only on one side of the missing tooth/teeth.


Plastic teeth and gums supported by metal frame. Each side of the bridge is bonded to existing teeth with the help of metal wings.

Why go for Henderson Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges help restore:

  • your smile
  • ability to properly chew and speak
  • the shape of your face
  • position of existing teeth
  • balance, which was disrupted by missing teeth, thus preventing gum disease and temporomandibular join (TMJ) disorders.

How does it work?

The first step for getting a dental bridge is preparing the abutment teeth. This involves re-shaping the teeth by removing some enamel to increase space for placing a crown over them. Then, impressions of the teeth are made, which serve as a model from which the bridge, pontic, and crown will be made by a dental laboratory. A temporary bridge will be placed to ensure exposed teeth and gums are protected.

In your following visit, our dentist will remove the temporary bridge and the new permanent bridge will be checked and fitted properly. Additional visits may be required to ensure the fitting is perfect.

The patient can choose the material for bridges just as it in the case of crowns. Your dentist can assist you in choosing the material to use considering important factors such as location of missing tooth, the look and feel of the bridge and its cost. In fact, the color of the bridges can also be opted for although everybody prefers it to match the color of remaining natural teeth.

When to go for a Henderson Dental Bridge?

Getting a bridge is recommended when you are missing one or more teeth. Most importantly, the space left by the missing teeth may eventually result in the remaining teeth shifting into the empty gaps. This can also lead to a bad bite.

If taken care of properly, with regular dental checkups and hygiene followed, your bridge is an investment that can last more than a decade. Bridges can be seen as artificial but they need the same dental care your natural teeth deserve. Bridges need to be brushed and flossed every day. Your dentist can give you excellent tips on how to use a floss thread to floss under and around the artificial tooth. Regular dental visits and professional cleanings are a must. In the case of an implant bridge, consult with the dentist on proper care methods.

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